Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unpacking The Common Core - ELA

Over the next few weeks, I will be examining the Common Core State Standards and how to unpack them for "ease-of-use." English Language Arts (ELA) is divided into four strands, which are then divided into two distinct grade areas K-5 and 6-12. Each grade level is then highlighted and expanded upon (except for the combinations of 9-10 & 11-12). Math (next post) is a little easier, only because there are fewer divisions. I've created an outline that gives a little easier insight into how everything is broken apart: 

ELA- English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
(Each "?" stands for grade level, click on either K-2 or 6-12 to view the specific standard for your grade.)

  1. Reading
    • Literature (examples of proper Stories, Dramas, and Poetry are given)  K-5 / 6-12
      1. RL.?.1 - Key Ideas and Details
      2. RL.?.4 Craft and Structure
      3. RL.?.7 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
      4. RL.?.10 Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity 
    • Informational Text (examples of Literary Nonfiction and Historical Scientific and Technical Texts are given)  K-5 / 6-12
      1. RI.?.1 - Key Ideas and Details
      2. RI.?.4 - Craft and Structure
      3. RI.?.7 - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
      4. RI.?.10 - Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity 
    • Foundational Skills  K-5
      1. RF.?.1. - Print Concepts
      2. RF.?.2 - Phonological Awareness
      3. RF.?.3 - Phonics and Word Recognition
      4. RF.?.4 - Fluency
  2. Writing  K-5 / 6-12
      1. W.?.1 - Text types and Purposes
      2. W.?.4 - Production and Distribution of Writing
      3. W.?.7 - Research to Build and Present Knowledge
      4. W.?.10 - Range of Writing
  3. Speaking and Listening Standards  K-5 / 6-12
      1. SL.?.1 - Comprehension and Collaboration
      2. SL.?.4 - Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
  4. Language  K-5 / 6-12
      1. L.?.1 - Conventions of Standard English
      2. L.?.3 - Knowledge of Language
      3. L.?.4 - Vocabulary Acquisition and Use


  1. See the work done by North Carolina, Arizona, and Utah on unpacking listed here:

    Look forward to future posts!

    1. Thanks Mr. B, I've added a couple of the links to the post!