Friday, June 1, 2012

Common Core Standards Resource Highlight

The resource show below was published by Pieces of Learning and is available through their website:

A significant advantage in using Common Core State Standards is that they are general, with broader curriculum application. They can potentially lead to higher-level thinking and mastery of 21st century skills rather than focus on lower-level test-prep answers. Coil’s practical examples show educators how to use differentiated curriculum, differentiated instruction, and differentiated assessment with the Common Core State Standards.
Differentiated Activities and Assessments Using the Common Core
Differentiated Activities & Assessments Using the Common Core Standards
Differentiation is essential when educators work with diverse groups of students while using the same set of Common Core State Standards for each student. These activities and corresponding assessments are specifically designed examples of how the CCSS can be implemented in your classroom with diverse students.

Differentiated curriculum calls for differentiated assessment. Not only are the topic activities differentiated and provide for student choice, but the assessments are differentiated as well. Using differentiated activities and assessments leads to greater success and achievement on high-stakes standardized tests.... See more after the jump...
Coil includes over 50 topics in language arts, math, social studies, science, and interdisciplinary topics. Lesson formats include Curriculum Compacting, Individual Lesson Plans (ILP™), Questivities™, Tic-Tac-Toes, and Tiered Lessons & Units.

The accompanying CD includes all 50+ lesson formats (activities AND assessments) in ready-to-use customizable WORD files.

The Common Core State Standards need to be differentiated for gifted, special education, ELL students, and other students with special needs. These standards incorporate only the essentials, thus they need to be modified and supplemented for special groups of students. One of the purposes of this book is to show how these standards can be used with differentiated curriculum, instruction, and

The Common Core State Standards require a depth of learning that is best reflected through performance tasks, projects, product differentiation, creative and critical thinking activities, and the development of research skills. The activities and assessments in this book are designed as examples of how the CCSS can be implemented in the classroom. In each lesson or unit, the Anchor Standard is
indicated, and some (but not all) of the Common Core State Standards being addressed. In some cases, also included are specific content objectives.

The challenge in writing this book is that most of my activities and assessments cover a multitude of standards. That is, however, a goal of developing frameworks for the CCSS. Combining standards as curriculum and activities are designed connects learning. In writing these units, a number of the Common Core Standards are addressed in each unit. Because of this, I have taken the liberty to accentuate just some of the standards in each lesson or unit plan. You will then be able to use the standards highlighted as well as find other standards that you can emphasize during your instruction.

Many of the activities in this book are student choice activities. When one or two of the student choice activities focus on a particular Common Core State Standard, this standard is included within the assessment of the individual choice activity. For example, there are several standards that deal with oral presentation skills. If a student choice activity includes an oral presentation, this standard is incorporated in the assessment of that particular activity. 

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