Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Florida Education Department Proposing Changes to Common Core

Proposed Changes to Florida Common Core
Taken from "Proposed Changes to Mathematics Standards" on

The Florida Education Department is proposing some changes to the common core standards (and calling them the "Florida Standards". These changes come from an Educational Accountability Summit and are based on public input. You can see the changes here: Keep in mind (from the website):
"The rows in white represent the public comments, the rows in yellow represent the current standard, the rows in green represent the proposed standard, and the rows in blue represent a new proposed standard. Please note that the grouping of rows about the same standard are separated by solid black lines."
There are a number of changes including 13 in ELA and 24 in Math along with 8 additions to the current standards and 52 additional calculus standards.

Click to see a summary of the proposed changes and commentary about them...